Your New Bridge


Okay, losing a tooth sucks but replacing it with something as soon as possible is really important because:

  • The teeth on either side could tilt or shift
  • The opposing teeth could migrate from a lack of stimulation
  • Changes in the shape of the bone can lead to more periodontal disease
  • Nearby teeth can’t always handle the extra work and they break
  • Open spaces often trap more food and plaque
  • Gaps and missing teeth could affect your social life emotional well being


Although my top choice would be an implant, there are a few other ways to replace missing teeth and bridges are very common.  A bridge is essentially a series of crowned teeth with a “fake” one being held in place by the others.  Follow these instructions after you get your permanent bridge to ensure a long-lasting restoration.

  1. Avoid eating anything until the anesthetic wears off completely.
  2. Don’t chew ice or other hard foods from now off to prevent chipping your new investment
  3. Brush and floss normally.  It is super important that you learn how to use floss threaders or interdental brushes to clean under a bridge.  Bacteria can cause cavities under the edges of your new bridge and all of that man made stuff is prone to building up even more plaque and tartar than before.
  4. If your teeth are sensitive to temperature or pressure, feel free to use an anti-inflammatory for a couple of days.  Desensitizing pastes also help to remineralize the teeth that have been traumatized.
  5. To reduce minor discomfort and swelling, rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day with warm salt water.  (1 tsp. of salt per glass of warm water)
  6. It’s normal for your gums to be a little bit sore for a few days
  7. If your bite feels uneven or  you have sensitivity that doesn’t improve or worsens after 3-4 days, make sure to call your dental office.


If you have any questions about your bridge and how to care for them, leave a comment below.

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