Get Video Texts

I am nerding so hard on this new technology!

Consistent Messages.  Effective Patient Education. Increased Case Acceptance. Easy to Use. Cool.


Introducing VideoTextTM

Patients simply open a new text on their own phone, inputs the practice name and procedure initials. Instantly, they receive a personalized, practice-branded video experience; three short videos confirming, and more fully describing the dentist recommended treatment.

No patient information is exchanged, no device to find, and the best thing – they can take it with them when they leave.

Patients get a visual summary of common dental procedures and post op instructions that they can view from their own phone.  There are calls to action like scheduling an appointment and leaving a google review too! Say goodbye to explaining procedures over and over again.

Grab your phone and try it!

To: 33733

Smart Page Dental, Video 1, 6-20-17 from Dental Innovations Inc. on Vimeo.


No contracts.  Money back guarantee!

$495. setup fee

$249 per month subscription


Ready to get started?  






Need more information and want to discuss exactly how this technology can make your life easier at the office?  Send me a message and I’ll get you all of the awesome details along with how you can save money on this already super affordable technology!