Plaque HD Toothpaste

I’m excited to announce that I am officially affiliated with PlaqueHD.


Everyday, my goal with patients is to help them remove more plaque at home before it has a chance to harden up into tartar. Let me say it this way – I want to pick on people LESS!  I am in the field of prevention…  so I will do anything possible to help save you from the damage that comes from bacteria trying to destroy your teeth and bone.


Plaque is that slimy sticky film made up of live germs that is constantly building up in our mouths.  When they give off acids and become organized, they start to break down the outer layer of our teeth and cause infections .  Left alone, this damage turns into cavities and periodontal disease.



The main problem with plaque is that it’s hard to see!  This cool disclosing toothpaste turns the plaque green so that you can go back and clean the areas that you missed.  It’s that simple.

Why I like Plaque HD:

  • Helps everyone see where they still have plaque even after brushing once
  • Doesn’t stain towels, braces, sinks or clothes
  • Tastes really good
  • Still provides some Fluoride, a mineral known to keep enamel strong
  • Great for educating kids
  • Less plaque mean less disease that I have to deal with!


Consumers that go through me for an online purchase:

Suggested retail price is $21 but this code will bring it down to $18 per tube

Order 3 tubes or more = FREE shipping

Click on the link below to purchase:

coupon code:  SpecialtyPromo3




Don’t just take my word for it!  Lots of other media references can be found HERE


They also have a refreshing remineralizing rinse:



  • Kills Germs That Cause Bad Breath
  • Long Lasting Fresh Breath
  • Gently Whitens Teeth WITHOUT Harsh Chemicals
  • Rich in Minerals that Restores Enamel
  • With Zinc Citrate to Freshen Breath & help Reduce Plaque
  • Xylitol, Remineralization of the Deeper Layers of the Demineralized Enamel
  • Natural Mints & Tea Tree Oil Complex for a Naturally Cleansing Action
  • Natural Essential Oils & Aloe Extracts to help in Refreshing Mouth
  • Does not stain teeth.  It actually keeps your teeth cleaner and brighter with regular use




Dental professionals interested in wholesale

opportunities should send me a message for more information.


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