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Hate Using Floss?

A good percentage of my patients don’t floss every day and that concerns me when you consider the statistic that up to 85% of our population in the U.S. has some form of periodontal disease.  Not only does that affect our mouths, but it can also have damaging results for the rest of our body. It all comes down to inflammation. Cleaning in between your teeth is one of the easiest ways to remove harmful bacteria that causes infection but many of you just don’t have the hang of it.  In a previous post, I talked about a floss holder but not everyone can use them.  People with braces need a threader.  Bridges need threaders.  Large fillings sometimes shred floss.  Overhanging margins of crowns can also tear the string to bits.  So, let’s talk about another alternative.

I am solidly convinced that if you have any food traps, crowns, open spaces, bridges, braces, bone loss, or a hate for floss that you need to get yourself some interdental picks or brushes.

I could make a video about using these fun gadgets and I plan on getting to that… but in the meantime, take a peak at this one brought to you by the Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club:


As you can see, these cool brushes fill in the gaps and clean those difficult in between spaces where food and bacteria like to hide.  Can’t find exactly what you need in your store?  The Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club is sure to help.  Doesn’t the name sound exclusive?!?You can browse through all of the interdental picks and brushes that IBBC has to offer on a convenient online store.

They can also auto ship your items so you never run out, AND if you use the code 7278222283, you will get a 5% discount.



Remember the Discount Code: 7278222283

*Opinions are my own based on evidence based practice and observations

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