Get a Grip on Your Spaces

Can you all (or most of you anyway) just admit that you don’t floss everyday.  It’s fine.  I’m here to help.  I’m going to show you how to get a grip on the spaces in between your teeth.  (make sure to read to the end to see how you can win some FREE stuff)


The harsh reality is that somewhere around half of adults over age 30 have periodontal disease and for the most part, it’s preventable.  You see, “gum disease”  in the mouth generally stems from bacteria causing infections that lead to bone loss.  Permanent bone loss.  The kind of bone loss that leads to losing teeth.  It’s also the kind of infection that has the potential of traveling away from your mouth via the bloodstream and stirring up troubles in the rest of your body. Brushing will remove a ton of bacteria… but it only gets about half of them.  Problem is, the germs that live below the gums and around all of your dental work and in those pesky food traps are much worst than those living near the surface.  They are the ones that you really need to worry about and only by removing them too can you be sure you’ve done a great job cleaning your mouth. Not everyone is good at flossing with the usual string options. Some of you might find that string floss gets caught up on your dental work or just doesn’t fill in the spaces well enough to remove all of the food and plaque effectively. There’s also the typical excuses that you “can’t fit both of your hands in your mouth” or “just don’t have time to floss”.


Interdental cleaners that have bristles are one of my favorite ways to clean in and around open spaces, food traps, braces and bridges! Some studies have actually shown that using a small brush in between the teeth may actually remove more germs than string floss.  Trying to find the right gadget to clean in between your teeth can be hard, but Oral Prevent is making it really easy to find the right sized brush for you.  They have a variety pack for purchase that will allow you to try all five sizes:

The Smart Grip brushes shown here are easy to hold onto, have a plastic coated wire so it won’t get all mangled,  and can help you get back on track to healthier gums! They are super simple to use.  You just move the brush in and out of each space 5-8 times for maximum plaque removal!  If you gums bleed, that means you currently have gingivitis.  As you stick with these every day, you will find within 7-10 days on average that your gums heal closer to the tooth and the bleeding stops.  (If not, consult your dental professional)


Here’s my video review of the product:

This just in!!! They sell these brushes on Amazon now!


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