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It’s Time For That Baby Tooth To Go!

What an exciting time when a child’s first set of teeth start getting all wiggly and get replaced with a brand new set!  We’ve been through quite a few loose teeth around my house and recently we came across one that mocked me to no end.  It got loose and then tightened up.  It got loose again and Read More

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Cancer Treatment and Your Dental Team

Cancer Treatment and Your Dental Team One of the scariest conversations you can have with a doctor is one that involves you or a loved one with the diagnosis of cancer.  If you’ve ever had cancer… let me say “I’m sorry”…. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are over 100 types of cancer and Read More


Feeling a Little Sensitive?

Ever wonder why your teeth light up like the Griswald Christmas when you bite into your favorite ice cream sandwich?  Have you learned to avoid putting ice in your beverages?  There are several reasons why your teeth get sensitive and hopefully after reading this, you will have a good idea about how to identify the Read More

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It’s Contest Time: Tooth Earrings!

Let’s have a laugh with this super easy contest!   Navigate to this FB page HERE <———– Those are the only comments that will be entered.   If your FB friends want to “vote” for your picture, they just find your photo in the comments section of the original post and leave a reaction or comment HERE <————– Read More

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Morsicatio Buccarum

Calling all word nerds and vocabulary buffs! Today I would like very much to talk about morsicatio buccarum, the condition we commonly refer to as cheek bite.  This type of chronic irritation of the cheek comes from friction and pressure.  When the teeth scrape and mash up against the inside of the cheek, our body Read More

lie bumps

Ask a Hygienist: Lie Bumps on the Tongue

In this segment of Ask a Hygienist, I’ll be talking about one of the most important body parts we have. The tongue is responsible for assisting us with speech, digestion, and protecting our airway while we swallow.  It helps us pick out all of the wonderful flavors in our foods and has near 5,000 taste buds! Read More

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Ask A Dental Hygienist: Why do we lose enamel?

Ask a Dental Hygienist  Kristina asked, “When you lose enamel, can it be linked to diet, leaky gut, stress, autoimmune issues, etc.?” Oooh, I love this question but I gotta be honest… I could spend an afternoon talking about it since this can be fairly involved… AND it might be hard for me to stay on topic. Read More