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It’s Contest Time: Tooth Earrings!

Let’s have a laugh with this super easy contest!   Navigate to this FB page HERE <———– Those are the only comments that will be entered.   If your FB friends want to “vote” for your picture, they just find your photo in the comments section of the original post and leave a reaction or comment HERE <————– Read More

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Morsicatio Buccarum

Calling all word nerds and vocabulary buffs! Today I would like very much to talk about morsicatio buccarum, the condition we commonly refer to as cheek bite.  This type of chronic irritation of the cheek comes from friction and pressure.  When the teeth scrape and mash up against the inside of the cheek, our body Read More

lie bumps

Ask a Hygienist: Lie Bumps on the Tongue

In this segment of Ask a Hygienist, I’ll be talking about one of the most important body parts we have. The tongue is responsible for assisting us with speech, digestion, and protecting our airway while we swallow.  It helps us pick out all of the wonderful flavors in our foods and has near 5,000 taste buds! Read More

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Ask A Dental Hygienist: Why do we lose enamel?

Ask a Dental Hygienist  Kristina asked, “When you lose enamel, can it be linked to diet, leaky gut, stress, autoimmune issues, etc.?” Oooh, I love this question but I gotta be honest… I could spend an afternoon talking about it since this can be fairly involved… AND it might be hard for me to stay on topic. Read More

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TREAT Dry Mouth with a rinse

Dry mouth will affect almost all of us somewhere during our lifetime.  Over the counter products like Biotene, Alcohol Free Listerine and sugar free gums have become quite popular and easy to find.  Unfortunately, those  treatments for dry mouth only address the symptoms.  There are two prescription products available from your medical and dental offices that will Read More

oral cancer awareness

This STD Can Cause Oral Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month Most of us are aware of some habits and conditions that have been linked to oral cancer.  Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, stomach problems such as reflux, and sun exposure are understood by most of us to be risk factors for cancers in and around the mouth.  But did you know Read More


The 5mm pockets I would NOT treat with scaling and root planing

The 5mm Pockets I would NOT Treat With Scaling and Root Planing In a previous post, I talked about what scaling and root planing is and why someone would need it. In essence, when periodontal disease sets in and the bone holding your teeth becomes damaged, scaling and root planing will help eliminate the local Read More


Say Goodbye to Dragon Breath

You hear the lecture all of the time: “Brush and floss or you will get cavities and gum disease!” Although that’s great advice, there’s one really big part of your mouth that need some attention too. Find a mirror and stick your tongue out!  See that coating?  Yeah, that needs to come off.  Like, right Read More