Become a Flossing Ninja with GumChucks!


Become a Flossing Ninja with GumChucks

Tired of boring string floss?

Can’t seem to figure out how to make flossing easier for the kids?

Have you used the excuse that your hands don’t fit in your mouth?

 I know I sound like a commercial, but I’m seriously impressed with gadgets that make taking care of your teeth and gums easier!

I saw these little flossing tools quite a while ago but never got around to buying them myself because… well, I have my own flossing gadget that lives in my shower.  But now that I have this website, I want to give you as many reasons as I possibly can to floss your teeth on a regular basis.  So, I called the company OralWise and asked for a sample to I could do a product review video:


I do want to mention that if you have overhangs on your fillings where floss tends to get trapped and frayed, you might want to stick with something you can pull right through when it gets jammed up.  Also, big open spaces sometimes need a tool like a proxabrush or something similar so you fill up the space with your interdental cleaner.  Other than that, I highly recommend this product if you are looking for something fun and easy that the whole family can get into.

To order your own Gumchucks, simply visit



Have you ever tried GumChucks?  Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought!

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