About Me


 My name is Charlotte…


I’m a licensed dental hygienist with over 18 years of clinical experience.  I treat people, not just teeth and in all my years of working in a private practice,  I have learned a few things about dentistry and I love sharing my thoughts and experiences with others. Every single one of us has our own unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping a healthy mouth.

Up to this point, I’ve spend most of my writing career behind the scenes as a ghost writer.  I have helped create content for dental websites, blogged for marketing firms, and even had a project writing scripts for animated advertisements on landing pages.


I like products that help keep your mouth CLEAN

So, now I’m a brand ambassador for two really cool companies:




This disclosing toothpaste :


*Plant based

*Gluten free

*Stains your plaque germs green

*Simple to use.  You brush and floss until the green is gone.

*Will not stain your towels, clothing or sink

*Less plaque = better dental checkups

*Two flavors: Fresh Mint and Berry Bubble Gum


A whitening and remineralizing rinse:


*Essential oils and natural flavoring agents

*Baking soda to promote a balanced pH

*No alcohol = won’t dry your mouth out

*Loaded with minerals to help protect and strengthen enamel

*Natural mints and tea tree oil to help keep breath fresh

*Gently whitens teeth without harsh chemicals

Extreme Dry Mouth Rinse:

*Natural essential oil formula coats and reduces dry mouth symptoms

*Aloe extract,  vegetable-driven glycerine hydrates

*Baking soda to help regulate the oral pH

*Vitamin E added for enhanced gum health

*No alcohol or harsh chemicals

*Mineral therapy will help keep teeth stronger

I have wholesale opportunities for dental professionals!!  

It’s a great way to get this product directly to your patients.


Click here for more info




This toothbrush subscription service will be a game changer!!!

An affordable sonic toothbrush with soft charcoal bristles and the new bristles come right to your door too.







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