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Welcome to 

This web blog was designed to help you understand the world of dental hygiene.  I will talk about dental terminology, procedures, and all the ways you can work toward a beautiful and healthy smile.

The easiest way to look for specific information is to navigate to the blog page and search for your topic.  You can sign up to receive notifications automatically when a new blog post is up or take advantage of the newsletter subscription if you only want to hear from me once a month and when I have giveaways, contests, and other fun stuff.

Why blog?

-Let’s be honest.  We all search the internet for quick answers to our questions.

-Not everyone wants a “lecture” from their hygienist while sitting in the chair.

-Writing is my therapy.  Helping you helps me.

-I’m here to help educate the public and communicate with my colleagues about our profession.


This is definitely a work in progress and I expect to take the next six months or so to get the base of content written so bear with me and tell me how I can make this a better space for you.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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